Past month: Mum - update; Pauline - beginning Thursday, October 14, 2010


Some paintings i have been working on since my last update.

The painting of my mum has gone through some substantial form painting. Will further update when i finish the rest of the forehead and hair.

I had two friends, Pauline and Rachel sit for me. I'm quite a lucky man as both these girls are gorgeous (well, kinda) and have very fun features to play around with (whilst painting of course). Brilliant eye structures, soft pale skin etc.
Unfortunately I haven't posted the painting of Rachel as I've done some major adjustments and am not too keen on how its looking in its current 'transitional' phase.

Will post soon! sorry for being slack.
Have been taking a break... prospects of other work (a job! yuck) have finally caught up to me.

Mum Portrait - Colour wash - Day 7 Tuesday, September 7, 2010

After spending 6 months in the States studying, Homeland Security decided it was time to go back home to Australia. I've been back a bit over a week now.
This is a painting of my mum, she was very kind to agree to sit for me. So far it needs a lot of work, need to paint in the nose, forehead, neck and her clothes.

Juliana Portrait - Form Painting - Day 13 Thursday, August 5, 2010

Juliana managed to pose a further two days for this portrait, so I worked on her eye, hair, ear and neck. She's been a brilliant model.

Self Portrait - Quick Painting

So, these past weeks I've been working on and off on a little self portrait project. This is the result so far. I've keyed in the lips and chin, the eyes, nose, hair, face structure need work.
Thanks to John and Marty for supplying the giant mirror.

Juliana Portrait - Form Painting - Day 11 Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Yesterday Juliana posed about another 2-3hrs for me. The result was finishing the cheek and almost the eye.
Am working on a bigger painting will post results soon.

Juliana Portrait - Form Painting - Day 10 Saturday, July 17, 2010

So, Ill be spending some extra time finishing this painting. This is day ten since started this painting.
So far I've worked on the cheek nose and lips. Hopefully finish both eyes soon.

Juliana Portrait - Colour wash - Day 6 Monday, July 12, 2010

An extra 4hours added onto my last colour wash, its Monday!

Self Portrait at nineteen - 3 nights Friday, July 9, 2010

First of many... Oh no!
This is a drawing of a self portrait i started recently, i spend nights on it when i'm not too tired. I use an old mirror my house mate left in my bedroom. My glasses are askew, and i'm looking like a goof - its me, at nineteen.

My good friend David Baird taught me a lot - like the importance of doing self portraits.
Especially when one cant afford a model.

Juliana Portrait - Colour wash - Day 5

Process of creating a colour guide for the final form painting. About 4hours.
Its the weekend now, will hopefully post my progress starting at the very beginning of this week.
Thanks to Tony for exposing some priceless hints... yay! like that overly chromatic 'county' of hair.
Also a quick mention and big thank you to my uncle Raymond who I regard as my teacher and taught me before studying with Tony in Santa Fe. He was the man who taught me about the seriousness of pursuing art.

Juliana Portrait - Ink In - Day 4

Another preliminary step to a finished portrait.
The Ink in is the stage after the Charcoal sketch. So far its taken me four days, each day spending roughly three to four hours on the portrait. Most of this time was spent on the charcoal sketch. Which is basically the whole drawing process of the model, Juliana, onto the canvas with charcoal.

Thanks to Tony and Anna for the countless critiques and Linda for helping me with my spot.

Juliana Portrait - Poster

The preliminary step to a finished portrait.
This is the Poster study for my portrait of Juliana. Similar to a colour study.

Hands Study - 2week

So, i started this painting back in June. Have been quite unfortunate with my blogging as I've been having internet issues.
This painting is nearly finished I'd still like to do one more hand!
But altogether its taken nearly two weeks to complete. About 3 hours a day - done at Toby's house; plenty of distraction.

Referenced from paintings by Bouguereau-
Homer and his guide (1874)
Study of head and hands

Will finish it - and post the finished version - hopefully with a better camera.

Torso Study Saturday, June 19, 2010

Another shot at trying to understand anatomy. This drawing was derived from Bouguereau's painting, Nymph's and Satyr (1873).

Reference and very useful information helping me with this drawing from this article, Bouguereau's working methods By Graydon Parish

Figure Study - 2hrs Sunday, June 13, 2010

Really focusing on trying to get anatomy and Proportions right.
Finding and emphasizing those muscles in the back and also had a go at creating a relation between the forms on the inside and how they effect the contours on the outside.

Hands Study - 1week

These paintings are derived from William Bouguereau's (aka WillyB's) painting, Homer and his guide (1874). I really admire his use of contour lines and careful observation regarding anatomy and subtle sub forms.

Randy Portrait - 3weeks - Finished Friday, May 28, 2010

Randy Portrait - 2weeks3days Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Trevor - Portrait Practice

Dimensions: cm x cm
Medium: Oil on Gesso on Wood
Tine: 2weeks

Randy Portrait - 2weeks Monday, May 24, 2010